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The New York Times talks to a satisfied owner of a New World Home:

A GLANCE at Lawrence Greene’s rustic colonial with wraparound porch in Livingston Manor, N.Y., might lead one to believe it’s a 150-year-old farmhouse. In fact, it’s two years old, one of the greenest houses in New York State, and built in a factory.

The 1,800-square-foot structure was constructed by New World Home, a company that offers environmentally responsible prefabricated houses in a variety of architectural styles.

Mr. Greene, a trademark lawyer with a Manhattan firm, bought the three-bedroom modular house for $360,000 in March and uses it on weekends.

“It’s a house that one can feel good about living in if one is trying to live green,” Mr. Greene said. “At the same time, one can enjoy the house because it has such an innate charm.”

Mr. Greene’s house has double-paned windows for insulation, and ceiling fans and cross-ventilation cool the home without air-conditioning.

“The front door doesn’t even have a storm door,” Mr. Greene said. “And it’s so secure and airtight that no cold air gets inside in the winter, and it’s perfectly cool when you walk inside in the summer on the hottest day.”

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